Gebze Public Education Center is a government institution. Our institution is located in Gebze in the
northwest of Turkey, on the border of two big cities, Kocaeli and Istanbul. Gebze is a huge industrial
town and it has a high rank of population and people migrate here from other regions of Turkey in
order to get a job.

Our institution has 5 administrators, 7 teachers and 3 officers. Annually, we have around 1.000
courses and more than 30.000 adult students within our institution and in cooperation with other
public and private institutions in our town. For our courses, we provide teachers and experts from
other schools and institutions. We not only open courses for adults, but also manage open
elementary school and open high school. We have around 7.250 active students in these schools.
Our building has 6 classrooms, 2 workshops, 5 administrative offices, 1 teachers’ room, 2 computer
labs and 1 multi-purpose hall. Apart from our classes, we organize courses in any place convenient
for education. We have a very wide range of courses, such as; ICT, foreign languages, Turkish for
foreigners, literacy, handicraft, sports, family education, cooking, hunting, music, musical
instruments, dressmaking, dancing, hairdressing etc.

Our specific expertise area is adult teaching. We provide many different courses for adults and also
for people who are out of formal education. We help them improve themselves, have a better position
in society and be prepared for life itself. We have different kinds of courses, from language, ICT,
programming, art, literacy. We have also economy and entrepreneurship courses in our center. And
we try to help them find a job by providing necessary training.